Positions Held Outside Education

City of Vacaville Parks & Recreation Commissioner: 1982-1986

Raymond understood the importance of providing all children and families safe and high-quality spaces to play and to recreate and how those community resources contribute to individual’s well-being. That was a major motivation for his volunteering to serve as commissioner for the Department of Parks and Recreation for the city of Vacaville.


Youth Music Monterey County Board Member: 1992-1996

Youth Music Monterey County supports two orchestras, a chamber music program, a brass ensemble, and in-school teaching and performance opportunities throughout Monterey County. Raymond participated in this organization because he understood the positive and transformative influence music could play in students’ lives and advocated to increase access to music learning opportunities to a greater number of students.


The Italian American Museum of San Francisco: President, 2000-2003

Raymond served as President of the museum to preserve the heritage of Italian Americans for future generations through art exhibitions, language classes, cultural programs, films, cultural events and celebrations.


International Journal for School Disinfection, London, England: Editorial Board Member, 2002-2003

Raymond served as an member of the editorial board for this professional journal to review articles for publication according to relevancy and scholarly criteria.


Green Schoolyard Alliance Board Member, 2008-2012

Raymond served as an educational leader on this board because he understood school campuses are valuable educational resources that need to be better utilized to support students’ development to help fellow board members understand the capabilities and limitations that principals face in their positions on school campuses.Treasurer United Administrators of San Francisco.


United Administrators of San Francisco, AFL-CIO, Local #3R, Treasurer, 2007-2012

Elected by his colleagues as an officer and representative of his union with over 200 members his duties included: monitoring the union’s finances, participating in monthly meetings with the superintendent and negotiating labor contracts for the membership.