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KPOO Radio Interview

Dr. Raymond Isola was invited by DJ Judy Drummond to participate in a long-standing radio program on KPOO called Connecting The Dots. This is the first interview that covers content from his recently published book entitled Transforming Sanchez School: Shared Leadership, Equity and Evidence.

My Story: What led me to education? 

Part 1: Dr. Raymond Isola shares his personal connection to education  with his family learning alongside Steve Jobs at Homestead High School. He also provides an overview of his professional experiences in education as a teacher covering Elementary, Middle & Secondary Schools along with special projects like “Yo Puedo” and being an elementary school principal for 20 years.

How I Arrived at Sanchez School in San Francisco?

Part 2: Full circle, my parents attended public schools in SF. My father being pushed out in 8th grade. I earned a doctoral fellowship at USF, wanted make a contribution to San Francisco school system. Building school community relationships to support an authentic learning network.

Rethinking the School Campus as an Educational Resource

Part 3: The school campus as a hub for family-community  involvement as well as physical fitness, developing healthy eating habits and hands-on learning opportunities about science.

Preparing the Next Generation of School Leaders

Part 4: Shared leaderships cultivates the human capital of the school community. 15 teachers from Sanchez moved into more expansive leadership positions ranging from school principals (8) to district level positions coaching teachers to overseeing the district libraries, etc (7).

Shared Leadership: It Takes a Village

Part 5: Building an effective team that includes staff, family members, students and community members. Taking a holistic approach to human development: physical, emotional, social, and cognitive.